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Advice for parents

Advice for parents

Star Chart

Star charts are a great way of encouraging your child to be more independent.

Manage my screen time

Here is a handy chart to help you to manage the amount of screen time your little ones have in a week.

Santa’s bedtime checklist

A simple tool to help you to go through the stages of a bedtime routine with your little ones when they are very excited. They can see what you would like them to do and run through the checklist ticking off each item as they go.

Using reward charts

Gives suggestions on using Reward charts for children aged 3 – 8 years old.

Support for parents and financial help with childcare costs

This leaflet provides information on the different kinds of help you can get with the cost of childcare.

Speech and language parent pack

This pack provides information and advice for mums and dads to help your child learn to talk – from the very beginning, in the womb, right through until they start school.

Stages of Speech and Language Development

This poster provides information on the development of speech and language in children. Children will not necessarily follow this to the letter. This is a guide so you will know what to expect. If you have concerns about your child please talk to your health visitor or GP.

101 ways to praise a child

At any age, your praise and encouragement will help your child feel good about themselves. Praise will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Here are 101 ways to praise your child.
Tricky Moments & Common Behaviours

Tricky Moments & Common Behaviours

Most families have times that are difficult to manage. Here are some ideas for dealing with some common parenting concerns. Every child is unique, but these tips may help.

Give It Time.

Give it time

Tips to encourage better behaviour

Here are five ideas to help you develop a good relationship with your child. These ideas will also encourage positive behaviour, boost your child’s confidence and support their development.

Your Child's Development

Your Child's Development

Between birth and age five children grow and change very fast. Understanding more about your child’s development may help you understand your child and their behaviour better.


Parenting. Give it time.

This website has been developed by the Welsh Government with the help of a range of organisations and professionals. Every child and every parent is unique. This website gives parents ideas so they can make decisions about what can work for their child and family. It aims to help parents to build a positive, healthy relationship with their children.

About Parenting. Give it time.