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Parenting.Give it time.

Parenting.Give it time.

Read real-life stories, experiences and tips from our families who are the Faces of the Parenting. Give it time campaign. Filled with ideas for shopping, travelling with a young child, days out and getting the kids to help with the chores. Our families’ blogs have tips and ideas to make family life a little bit easier.

Here are five ideas to help you develop a good relationship with your child. These ideas will also encourage positive behaviour, boost your child’s confidence and support their development.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ way to parent but it can help to think about the type of parent you want to be. Sometimes other things happening in your life make it more difficult. Here are some ideas which may help.

Between birth and age five children grow and change very fast. Understanding more about your child’s development may help you understand your child and their behaviour better.

Make time to create order and structure to your day

Don’t worry when young children test the limits. That’s how they learn what is right and wrong.

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Make time to listen, talk and play
Take time to model the behaviour you want to see
Make time for praise
Make time for love and affection
‘Parenting. Give it time’ campaign advert

Parenting. Give it time.

This website has been developed by the Welsh Government with the help of a range of organisations and professionals. Every child and every parent is unique. This website gives parents ideas so they can make decisions about what can work for their child and family. It aims to help parents to build a positive, healthy relationship with their children.

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